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What is the difference between a condo and a coop?
What is title and do I need title insurance?
How much are closing costs in NYC?
Do I need to get an inspection for an apartment?
When I do need to begin the mortgage process?
What is a mortgage contingency?
What is a commitment letter?
Do I need pre-approval?
When should I contact a lawyer?
What is involved in board approval?
What does a real estate attorney do for a seller?
What does a real estate attorney do for a buyer?
How does a commercial lease differ from a residential lease?
Do I need a lawyer for leasing commercial property?
Do I need a lawyer if I am a landlord?
Real Estate FAQ


Why should I form a business entity?
Why do I need a corporate structure if I am solo entrepreneur/the only member of the business?
Can I change my business entity?
What if I already formed an entity in another state?
What if I am doing business under a different business name?
What is a business certificate?
What is a EIN and do I need one?
What is a sales tax number?
What are the different types of business entities available to me?
What is a “DBA”?
What is the process for bringing in investors, venture capitalists?

Can friends and family loan money to my business?

Can my start-up or small business get a business loan?

Business FAQ


What is mediation?
In what situations can mediation be effective?
How is mediation different from arbitration or litigation?
Mediation FAQ
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